Aaron Lewis Here for Hartford 2019

Meet Dr. Aaron Lewis

Having traveled more than 60 countries and more than 1000 cities around the world, I could have chosen to live anywhere in the world. I chose Hartford, CT. Hartford is my number one choice, not only because of its rich and vibrant history, but because of its POTENTIAL. Hartford is ripe for economic revitalization. Our diversity is rich. Our educators are ready to skillfully teach our children. We are ready to become the amazing possibilities of our city. We can only do this with you. My dream is to see a brand-new Hartford emerge, not just downtown or the West End, but rather all of Hartford. That’s why I am confident as your next mayor that I will work hard and smart to help shape Hartford into a city that is thriving, one where everyone wins, and no one is left out. I AM Aaron Lewis and I am Here for Hartford. For any plan to work, it must be simple, and measurable. My plan for Hartford is to 1. Increase Public Safety a. We need to create a comprehensive package to attract more officers and firefighters to want to become a part of the team. b. We must pay them well c. We must support initiatives to increase public safety. 2. Reform Education a. Confront the present system that is perpetuating failure in our students. b. Our truancy rate is one of the highest in the state we must reduce truancy rates. c. Create a school district with college and career ready students prepared to enter into the workforce. 3. Stimulate Economic Development a. Incentivize small and medium businesses to want to do business in Hartford and create clear initiatives to help them increase revenues. c. Make Hartford become the number one attraction in the Northeast.